My name is Michael Dietzel. I’ve grown up around Christianity my whole life and I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in Biblical Studies at Northland International University. I love theology and Greek, which is good because I majored in Biblical Languages and I’m currently teaching Elementary Greek. I hope one day to plant churches that plant churches that plant churches (and so on and so forth) in another culture. I’m excited to see how God will lead me in that area!

I’m from Kansas City, Kansas and I am a huge fan of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. I care about the Royals more than anything else in the secular realm, but for your sake I’ll refrain from inundating this blog with my passion for them.

Though this has not always been the case, I am now an avid reader thanks to having a high school crush on a girl who loved to read. I tried to read a lot to impress her, and though things didn’t work out with her, I am now in a very serious relationship with books.

Among others, Taylor Swift is one of my favorite musical artists. I also enjoy Sovereign Grace, Coldplay, Parachute, Shai Linne, and John Mayer, depending on my mood.

I consider myself a pretty clever (and egotistical) Tweeter, so if you want to hit me up my twitter handle is @mikedietzel13

This is my first crack at blogging in this arena, and I’m excited for the chance to share my thoughts with you all. I hope you enjoy the posts. I also hope the Royals win tonight


What are your thoughts?

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