I was born in Janesville, WI and grew up in France and Italy where my parents worked planting churches. I graduated with a BA in Biblical Exposition from Northland International University and am currently finishing up an MA in Biblical Studies from Northland where I work as a teaching assistant. On August 2nd, 2014 I married my gorgeous, generous, serving, and realist wife Beth Khaliqi. We would love to move to a big city next year, but we always have a lookout on the horizon to unravel our sails and set off for some distant land.

My passions involve my family, the local church, reading, running, guitar, and pasta. My favorite topics of study are hermeneutics, interpretation, and church history. If you ask me my favorite book, I’ll give you a list, although Till We Have Faces, The Hobbit, and The Kite Runner are at the top. My favorite band is Yellowcard, but my favorite music is classical guitar. As you can see, my life is a bit of a paradox, but I guess that’s why I firmly believe daily life and liturgy actually do mix.


What are your thoughts?

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